National Day Specials: Featuring The Merry Lion and Courtyard Cafe & Lounge Bar

July 27, 2018 0

The Merry Lion is the only full-time comedy club in Singapore dedicated to make you roar with laughter! Head down for a night full of fun and laughter. Be entertained by their weekly shows featuring local, regional and international acts. The Merry Lion Premium Lager Signature craft beer supplied by Trouble Brewing contains no preservatives or additives – just pure chilled lager for your drinking pleasure.


Serving Asian bistro fusion in a tranquil and cosy ambience at The Courtyard Cafe and Lounge Bar. Get comfy with the light soft jazz instrumental and vocal music to chill the evening with the feel of a lounge in a set away corner at the prestige National Gallery Singapore. The Breakfast in A Mug is a great way to enjoy your local favourite! It is a Mug of surprises, with the aroma of the Kaya together and with a hint of rum. You’ll never want to skip breakfast again!