Mexican food and Quality Drinks found at SMU’s Bricklane

February 13, 2019 0

Located in a casual, relaxed nook at the vivacious Singapore Management University (SMU), Bricklane specialises in a fun mix of Mexican food and inexpensive beer. Opened by SMU students, this restaurant was created to serve like-minded SMU individuals like the owners, hence its convenient location. But everyone is welcomed at Bricklane, of course!

To create your own Mexican meal, simply choose your base, protein, toppings and sauce. Be sure to mix-and-match; typical Mexican fast food options can be found here – burritos, salad and rice bowls, quesadillas and tacos are all available for you to choose from! A whole list of drinks are on the menu as well, from draught beer to jug cocktails, ensuring a whole variety of drinks for you to pair your meal with. Some interesting drinks are such as the Paloma Jug Cocktail, Yakult Soju and Graveyard cocktail. In fact, there are always promotions, more house pours, cocktails and house pours waiting for you at Bricklane, so go ahead and ask the wait staff if you have a hankering for a particular beverage.

Open from 11am to 11pm, alcoholic beverages are served from 5pm onwards. Head over to Bricklane for lunches, dinners and drinks.

Drinks available for redemption: Pilsner Urquell, Kozel Dark Lager and Housepour cocktails.