Cool, Contemporary Cafe and Bar Bee’s Knees Offers Fusion Food and Beverages

February 11, 2019 0

Cafe Bee’s Knees, with its contemporary interior design – from the glass window panes to the backless high stools – and casual but fun food and beverages menu, represents cafe culture in Singapore well.

Nestled in a sweet spot at Singapore Botanic Garden’s The Garage, Bee’s Knees offers fruit bowls, pizzas, pastas, pancakes, sandwiches and desserts. Divided into a day and night menu, each brings different options to the table – quite literally. You might find the Beef Rendang Pizza in the day menu, which is topped with chunks of braised beef cheeks, Spanish onions, mozzarella and arugula. The Reuben Sliders available in the night menu combines Emmental cheese, Russian dressing and corned beef, making this tiny burger a tasty treat!

The laid-back hangout spot makes this place a great place to drink in Singapore, and totally worth the slight travel into the lush Gardens.

Drinks you can redeem: Heineken Beer