Al Fresco Dining at Der Biergarten with Classic German Nosh

December 15, 2018 0

If you ever wanted a taste of rich and hearty German cuisine, hop down to Der Biergarten, a good old-fashioned German restaurant and bar located in Prinsep Street nestled among a row of unassuming shophouses. Literally meaning “The Beer Garden” in English, this well-loved establishment sprouted in full German fashion, offering live football screenings and a mouth-watering selection of soups, starters, mains and bar bites along with ice cold alcoholic beverages.

Start your meal with Goulasch Suppe (beef goulash spicy rich beef stew soup served with fluffy German bread) before going for the traditional Sausage Platter (delicious Cheese sausage and Bratwurst sausage with creamy mashed potatoes and sauerkraut on the side) and finally digging in to the classic Roast Pork Knuckle that boasts a crispy, crackling skin enveloping juicy and tender meat that is nicely complemented with the dark beer gravy.

A German meal is not complete without alcohol so grab a beer (the world-famous Paulaner Original Munich Hell is a must-try!) and a seat under the stars for a memorable night out.


Drinks you can redeem:

San Miguel Draft, House Pour Spirits, Montelvini Monvin Wine, Juices (non-alcoholic)