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What is CHUG?

Your Nightlife Drinking Pass

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We are a members-only lifestyle app. Be treated like a VIP and we get the first round for you.

  • $19.90/7 days validity (Up To 30 drinks)

    $29.90/30 days validity (Up To 50 drinks)

    (coming soon)

    $149/1 year validity (Up To 80 drinks)

    (coming soon)

  • Enjoy A Drink On Us Everyday
  • Redeem At Any Of Our Venue Partners

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CHUG Venue Partners

Here're Some of our Handpicked Trendy, Cool and Chic Venues
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  • Is there a particular time for drinks be redeemed?

    No but different partner venues will have different opening hours so check the app before you head over to redeem your drink

  • Can my friend share my CHUG Nightlife Pass?

    Absolutely As the pass allows one drink redemption per outlet it does not matter who you give the free drink to. You can redeem the first drink for yourself at the first location and redeem the next one for your friend at a different outlet. But we encourage your friends to also sign up for CHUG so that they can enjoy CHUGging with you

  • What happens when I finish redeeming my drinks before the end of the pass period?

    Simple. Just purchase another Nightlife Pass to top up your drinks and restart the validity period and continue CHUGging

  • What if I want a second drink at any outlet?

    Fret not our merchants do take good care of CHUGgers. Most of them would have special promotions for CHUGgers so if you like the place and would like a second drink or more simply ask them for their CHUG specials

  • Why cant I use the pass to redeem more than 1 drink per outlet?

    CHUG gives you the experience of trying out new drinks and visiting new outlets. If we allow more than 1 drink redemption per outlet it would not be the CHUG experience for youOn top of this in return for the free drinks that our merchants give you it would make sense for you to support them by dining or ordering your second drink from them so that CHUG remains a sustainable business model for both subscribers and merchants.

  • What happens to my existing subscription?

    For all existing CHUG subscribers we will be offering you the CHUG Nightlife Pass for the value of subscription that you have purchased prior to this change. For example if you have purchased the CHUG weekly plan at 9.90 your plan will be converted to the 19.90 CHUG Nightlife Pass that gives you 30 drinks at 30 different outlets over 7 days. If you are holding the CHUG 19.90 plan you will receive the 29.90 CHUG NightlifePass that gives you access to 50 drinks at 50 outlets over 30 days. If you are on the CHUG annual plan at 149 your subscription will renew on accordingly and you will get the 149 Nightlife Pass to access 80 drinks at 80 outlets over 365 days.

  • What is the Earn and Redeem feature?

    To allow our Nightlife Pass Holders to enjoy more rewards we have introduced the Receipts tab function that will you to collect and keep a record of your spending. For every 100 that you spend you will receive a 10 CHUG voucher that you can use at any of the partner outlets Simply click on the bar(s) that you visited and upload a picture of the receipt (please ensure that the photos are clear and not dirty or damp to prevent any disputes). We will accord you the 10 reward voucher when you have tabulated a total of 100 spent

  • What other perks will I receive?

    Exclusive invites for private events priority passes for public events and limited promotions by Chug and our partner venues. In addition the new function of Receipts will allow you to earn and redeem just keep a record of the receipts in the tab and collect your points View the What is the Earn and Redeem feature for more details.

  • Is there a minimum spend?

    No there isnt any minimum expenditure required for redemptions. However we do encourage CHUGgers to try the food and beverages at the outlet they are visiting. Not only do the partner outlets of CHUG have great menus they also would appreciate your support You are guaranteed to have a better Nightlife experience when you try what the outlets have to offer. Dont forget when you spend at the outlets you will get rewarded for it

  • How do I redeem?

    Its easy. In just four touches you can redeem your drink. Step 1) Pick the venue Step 2) View drinks Step 3) Select drink and Step 4) Redeem your drink (Allow the serverbartender to slide for redemption)

  • How to partner CHUG?

    Please drop us an email at (Every venue has to be vetted and approved by the team as we want to give all our Nightlife Pass Holders a great time)

  • Who are your venue partners?

    We carefully handpick cool trendy and chic barsrestaurants to give you a great experience.

  • How much is the membership?

    Chug is free for all to download and check out. The new CHUG Nightlife pass features three different Nightlife Pass options 19.90 29.90 and 149. The 19.90 option is valid for 7 days and will allow redemptions of up to 30 drinks across 30 different outlets in 7 days. The 29.90 option will let you redeem up to 50 drinks across 50 different outlets over 30 days. Lastly redeem up to 80 drinks across 80 different outlets over 365 days. Please note that the drinks are all strictly one drink per outlet. Your Nightlife Pass will expire when all the drinks are used up or upon the end of the pass period. For example when you purchase the 19.90 Nightlife Pass you are entitled to 30 drinks at over 30 different outlets one drink per outlet within 7 days. Should you finish 30 drinks before the last day your Pass will expire and the app will indicate you have consumed all of the drinks possible. If you have not consumed all 30 drinks the Pass will expire on the last day upon the seventh day mark. The good news is you will always get a bang for your buck because drinks are cheaper with CHUG and you can always repurchase another Pass for your next night out

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